Laszlo Leder

KYC Team Coordinator
Customer Verification Competence Centre

Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from? What is your education and interests?

I come from Hungary, where I studied law and international relations, specializing in diplomacy and military law. In my free time I am a sommelier-amateur, because since I can remember winemaking has been my interest. This is most probably due to the cultural heritage of my native region. As I have already mentioned, I come from Hungary, a country of 10 million football experts, so I am also a football fan. Furthermore, I like travel and I spend my free time being close to nature, I also like reading books or news over my morning coffee. This is part of my daily routine.

How did you get to CERI?

While working in Poland, I met many people and I still have very good relations with them. One day I an old friend called me and said that CERI was looking for a Hungarian-speaking person with my set of skills. I have never heard of CERI nor about KYC before, but my friend introduced the company to me so well, that I became interested in this job offer. Soon afterwards a HR representative contacted me, but at that time I took another position, I worked as a Team Leader in the financial controlling team of a very well-known Warsaw-based company. Here in CERI we use the software from this company on daily basis. However the CERI HR team did not give up and contacted me again, asking about my satisfaction with my professional career. In the next few months we had several conversations and finally the girls from HR convinced me that CERI was a place for me, here I would feel better than anywhere else.

What has your work at CERI looked like so far?

I started as a coordinator. I created a KYC training team and started to unify the process in our locations. I may say that I have excellent relations with both clients and my team, and our cooperation is flawless. Due to our great results, thanks to engagement of my team, the Russian branch decided to become a separate unit in our portfolio. My team is also actively supporting the New York branch, we are implementing joint projects regarding process consolidation.

Who, in your opinion, should look for employment at CERI?

Well, I can recommend CERI to everyone. The company has many interesting openings and everyone is able to find a position answering his interests. What I mean are challenges that await us, diversity of projects, clearly defined set of rules and requirements. Other incentives to work here are responsible leaders, great working atmosphere and supportive team. If that is not enough, in my opinion the great asset is also the positive mix of German and Polish work culture prevailing in the company.