Our initiatives

Contrary to what it seems, life at CERI is not only about processes and clients. We like team work, we eagerly integrate around various topics and act for the benefit of the world. Below you will find a handful of photos from our various initiatives.

Cleaning up Łódź and Białystok on the occasion of Earth Day

In April we celebrate Earth Day. On this occasion we took part in cleaning actions in our cities (Łódź and Białystok). It didn't take long to fill up a few garbage bags and the satisfaction from taking care of the environment will stay with us for a long time.

500 kayaks

We like to support interesting initiatives and "meet" our employees also outside working hours, e.g. during a kayak trip. Amazing experiences and beautiful views guaranteed!

#Working Together 2019

CERI is an international company, so obviously we are proud of our multicultural work environment, where we appreciate diversity on a daily basis. Therefore, we participate in the nationwide #WorkingTogether initiative, coordinated by ABSL Polska, which aims at building up cultural awareness in workplaces.

Match CERI Białystok vs. CERI Łódź

Who won the match? CERI, of course! ;)

Job fairs

Universities are a natural “fishery grounds” for HR departments. We are often present at job fairs, where we meet wonderful young candidates. Visit our stand!

Technological tea

After hours it is worth exchanging knowledge and expanding your IT competences.

Action for Integration Campaign

This meaningful name depicts our large integration events. We don't hold them very often, but when we do, the fun is immense. Water, sky, music, some drinks and party till dawn.


We are ready to roll up our sleeves and clean up a piece of the world that surrounds us. Planet's gratitude is priceless.

Image video

The persons you see in our videos are exclusively CERI employees. We also develop script and dialogues. We like to have fun on the set and as a result, the effect is always authentic.

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