Daniela Filipowicz

Comdirect Team Coordinator
Processes Competence Centre for German-language processes

Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from? What is your education and interests?

I was born in Cologne, in the most beautiful and happiest city by the Rhine and — at least for me — all over Germany. I love the carnival, accompanying music, great costumes and everything what comes with it.

To complete my education, I moved for three years to Bochum, where I met my husband. I graduated as a mortician, and moved to Hanover to work in the hospital’s pathology department. Since 2009 my husband and I have lived in Poland, near Łódź.

How did you get to CERI?

It was my husband’s idea because I didn’t speak Polish very well at that time. Work in the IPK Team was perfect for starting business career.

What has your work at CERI looked like so far?

As I mentioned, I started in the IPK Team and then moved to Retourpost. Later I was engaged in Consorsbank and finally comdirect. I have been working in comdirect team until today, currently as a coordinator.

Who, in your opinion, should look for employment at CERI?

CERI is an ideal place for people who are like teamwork, are open and communicative. Knowledge of German is of course also an advantage ;)