What we do

CERI offers a wide range of banking and financial services, from common to the most advanced ones. In all cases one thing always remains the same – our business services are reliable and effective, which is confirmed by ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 22301 certificates.

Compliance Services

Compliance is of utmost importance these days. It ensures that businesses are carried out according to given law and corporation’s internal regulations.

Since many years our team supports Commerzbank AG in combating white-collar crimes and operating under Compliance standards in banking transactions and trade finance business.

CERI is currently expanding this business line significantly. Additional clients, products, and services will contribute to extend our competence centre and ensure that our employees will receive best of breed Compliance related trainings and operational experience.

Smart Automation (Robotic Process Automation – RPA)

Automation of business processes allows us to increase their efficiency, reduce time of their implementation, simultaneously increasing the projects’ quality by minimalizing the likelihood of errors to zero. In the first step we analyse business processes, then we configure them with the use of Blue Prism software and run tests, and finally we implement Smart Automation in production, ongoing monitoring of algorithms.

For each stage of automation the most important factors are: precise analysis of the process, carried out in cooperation with the client, accurate modelling in Blue Prism, and preparing detailed documentation.

Know your customer (KYC)

Know Your Customer (KYC), or analysis of credibility of business partners, is the foundation for building relations in a globalized economy. CERI has four years’ experience in the KYC area, providing services in 12 European countries and successfully meeting infinite numbers of the most demanding challenges.

Our experienced, fully trained and certified by Lysis Financial team of experts operates based on best-in-class Data Intelligence solutions: Bankers Almanac, Lexis Nexis, Factiva, World-Check, Orbis, providing clients with a detailed 24/7 analytics.

Documentation management – digitisation and archiving

Over 20 years of experience!

Few can match our experience in documentation management. Many years of experience in this field allowed CERI to develop comprehensive, innovative solutions and to build a team of professionals who every day effectively and reliably carry out the commissioned tasks.

Our priorities are: security of the entrusted documentation and data processing, high quality and continuity of operations.


We provide services in the field:

  • Digitalization of documentation – keeping an electronic archive
  • Documentation archiving – Paper archive maintenance
  • Data management – entering / updating data / statuses
  • Running a Digital Office

Application testing

A well tested application means a satisfied client. This is the mission of the CERI Test Centre.

Data security and confidentiality is our top priority. All the activities we perform for clients are covered by both ISO and internal security standards implemented in the Commerzbank Group. Our testers regularly undergo security training, and compliance is monitored by the Compliance Department.

We can improve the quality of your product by conducting functionality tests and speed up your process by introducing automated regression testing. Furthermore, we can provide a list of software errors and – by creating transparent test reports – give you reliable information on the quality of your software.


Trust is our core value! As the company with roots deep in banking sector we understand this truth better than anyone else. This makes us a reliable partner in the implementation of business processes related to payments. For years, we have been successfully mastering this field by managing thousands of most demanding and challenging cases.

Our priority is given to ensuring information security, and all measures taken to physically protect the data correspond to the arrangements individually laid down in the contracts with our customers.

Banking Services Support

The magical Back Office, a place invisible to the client’s eye, but crucial for any financial institution.

This is where documents are verified, applications are checked, client accounts are administered and many other key tasks for the bank performed.

What we do:

  • Administration of customer accounts
  • Data management
  • Analysis and verification of customer documentation
  • Verification of correctness of data

HR processes

We offer a very wide range of services in the field of German-speaking HR administration processes. We started our first processes in October 2015. Currently we handle almost 200 different processes and are developing further.

In the area of local HR administration we provide professional support in HR and payroll solutions. For many years we have specialized in this area both internally, servicing more than 900 of our employees, and providing services to our Clients.

Trade Processing Center

We support Commerzbank and its clients  in safe settlement of international trade deals. We process transactions for Commerzbank branches in Europe and Brasil.

Our job is to verify trade finance transactions for Compliance regulations related to sanctions and embargos, AML, preventing from terrorist financing, crimes and frauds.

We perform all operational  tasks within below trade finance products:

  • Documentary Letter of Credit – export and import
  • Documentary Collection – export and import
  • Interbanking reimbursements
  • Financing of trade transactions

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