Anna Woropaj-Hordziejewicz

Quality Control and Compliance Specialist
Department of Security, Compliance and Quality Development

Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from? What is your education and interests?

I come from Łódź, Bałuty district. I love my city and its unique atmosphere. I am keen on new products, I like all technological innovations, I follow cultural and musical events. In my opinion it is important to constantly improve yourself and set ambitious goals. I love life, the world and all its colours.

How did you get to CERI?

I joined CERI after my friend submitted my CV as part of the Recommendations Programme. At that time I was still an undergraduate student, so I was happy to see that the conditions offered allowed me to combine my education with work. This adventure started in 2014, and to tell you the truth, I did not expect it to last that long.

What has your work at CERI looked like so far?

My first position was German-language Process Assistant, I was handling bank transfers. Transactions entered into the system had to be processed on the same day, and if not for team work and employees’ flexibility and involvement this would not have been possible. Then I applied to the KYC Team, as I wanted to use English in my everyday duties. This resulted in an exciting possibility to take the position of Retained Organization (related directly to work for a subcontractor from India on monitoring and providing general support) in the Quality Control Team. I am still working in this team, and in time Compliance area was included in my professional duties.

Who, in your opinion, should look for employment at CERI?

I would recommend CERI as a place of work for all those, who are open-minded and who want like to gain experience in the finance and banking sector. The main advantage of working at CERI is that you can start from scratch, build your career path, and expand your professional interests.