Eco Policy

I. General provisions

  1. This ECO POLICY (hereinafter referred to as the ECO POLICY) defines the rules of conduct at CERI International Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as CERI or the Company) and applies to all employees and external suppliers.
  2. The aim of the Eco-Policy is to counteract climate change, to promote natural resources, as well as to promote and raise environmental awareness among employees.
  3. CERI International will create an Eco Community open to every employee, in order to watch over the functioning of the policy, acquire and implementing new ideas and initiatives.
  4. CERI International will calculate its carbon footprint and seek to reduce it in the following years by taking environmentally friendly measures.
  5. The carbon footprint measures the total greenhouse gas emissions during the full life cycle of a product (company). It is expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent per functional unit of the product (CO2e/functional unit). Calculating your carbon footprint allows to identify opportunities for growth, improve company’s energy efficiency and impact on improving the environment.
  6. All ideas will be considered including financial impacts on the company.

II. Energy and natural resources

  1. The company will strive to use “green” sources of electricity – for example, by providing photovoltaic panels in locations and other activities.
  2. The company will provide more economical management of water consumption through: Using devices such as “smart taps”, aerators, etc., and raising awareness among employees.
  3. In the company’s locations, light sources will be gradually replaced by energy-saving sources (e.g., led technology or other new solutions introduced). When designing new locations, technical solutions allowing to save electricity e.g. through light intensity sensors will be taken into account.

III. Waste segregation / use of environmentally friendly materials

  1. CERI International Sp. z o. o. will ensure waste segregation in all locations by the end of Q2 2021.
  2. Office materials used on the company’s premises will be made of environmentally friendly materials as far as possible.
  3. CERI marketing and promotional materials will be selected and produced taking into account their environmental friendliness. The company will prefer biodegradable products and will reduce paper consumption (e.g. reducing the printing of paper documents, limiting the production of business cards and paper leaflets).
  4. All pro-environmental activities will be undertaken in accordance with the specified budget.

IV. Company fleet and Business Travel

  1. The car fleet will consist of cars that meet the highest standards of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions to the atmosphere, determined by external bodies authorized to do so. In the future, the company will gradually introduce electric and hybrid vehicles.
    The company aims to support ecological means of transport when commuting to work, especially bicycle transport.
  2. CERI aims to promote the use of electronic communication tools to reduce business trips.
    The company will work on ‘car sharing’ solutions to better utilize resources when employees travel between locations.

V. Cooperation with external companies

  1. CERI will prefer suppliers who take into account the need to protect the environment in their actions. The company will actively ask suppliers about their activities in this field and take such activity into account when deciding to cooperate.

VI. Health

  1. CERI aims to raise awareness and promote pro-health activities among its employees through such initiatives as:
    – Financing of sports groups,
    – Organizing internal trainings in ergonomics of workstations,
    – Co-financing of health services.