Michał Bednarek

KYC Team Coordinator
Customer Verification Competence Centre

Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from? What is your education and interests?

I was born in Łódź, but I lived in Aleksandrów Łódzki for the most of my life. By education I am a lawyer, I studied at the University of Lodz. In my free time I like to read Sci-Fi, fantasy and crime novels, my other interests cover audio equipment (tube amplifiers etc.), as I love to listen to music, from jazz through understood guitar pieces to electronics.

How did you get to CERI?

I started working at CERI before I graduated. One of people who were close to me has recommended CERI to me. Initially it was supposed to be a temporary occupation, but rapid career development offered by the company made me stay for good.

What has your work at CERI looked like so far?

Ever since I got to CERI, I changed teams several times, and of course my responsibilities changed each time. I worked in FX/MM, Loan Admin and, currently, KYC – here as a team coordinator. I have visited Commerzbank branches in Prague, Luxembourg, and Zurich and took part in workshops organized in Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Who, in your opinion, should look for employment at CERI?

I would recommend CERI to anyone who wants to gain practical knowledge of finance and banking.